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Offices: We design offices for businesses ranging from International Corporate Headquarters to sole proprietorships. Each office is designed to reflect the workplace environment of that particular business, and to be flexible to accommodate growth and changes in technology.

Financial Institutions:We work closely with each financial institution to deliver functional interiors while establishing a vision reflective of the company's mission. This integrated approach offers flexibility for future growth, reinforces the institution’s brand and establishes an environment for changing technologies in a complex industry.

Health Care:At Steckel Parker, we understand that effective healthcare facilities are those that provide an inviting, easily navigable and supportive environment for patients, families and the staff that serves them.

Specialty:We have designed a number of successful projects that are unique, one of a kind, and are specific to their user requirements.

Education:Educational projects are some of the most important projects we do because of their impact on society. The facilities we design stimulate the educational process, meet approved budgets and are delivered on schedule.

Retail:Designing buildings that visually attract and invite customers into the store is our goal.

Governmental:Our dedicated design professionals understand that projects for public sector clients need to maximize budgets while meeting citizen needs.

Religious:Our team of dedicated professionals works with religious clients to balance sensible church growth planning with the financial realities of limited resources. The buildings we create reflect each congregation’s beliefs and missions and the vision for their future.
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